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No Annual Meeting in 2020 due to COVID
Posted on Nov 9th, 2020

Dear White hill Square Homeowners:
We hope you are doing well during this difficult time.  Due to the pandemic, the Board of Trustees has decided not to have an annual meeting this year.
Normally, the annual meeting is a time for homeowners to ask questions and express concerns to the Board. If you have a question or concern, please email or phone Judi Channels, the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Managing Agent, at the contact information on the letterhead. Judi will make sure a board member emails or calls you.
If you are a new homeowner, please know you automatically became a member of the HOA when you purchased a home in White Hill Square.  The purpose of the HOA is to protect your investment and enhance the beauty of our community. There are rules and restrictions for living in White Hill Square found in our Code of Regulations. The Board enforces these rules and restrictions. Further, the HOA has annual maintenance responsibility for eight landscaped entranceways, two storm water retention basins and approximately 390 trees along Butler Warren and Western Row roads.  Please go to to read the entire Code of Regulations and other forms and documents pertinent to the HOA.
Regarding tree maintenance along Butler Warren and Western Row roads, GroundsPRO, our landscape contractor, will be replacing 17 trees and pruning numerous other trees this fall.  
Additionally, with this cover letter, you will find the current financial statements related to the HOA. Presently, the annual assessment for each homeowner is $185 and the Board has decided not to increase the amount for 2021.
Please note each year a portion of your dues goes to the annual maintenance described in the preceding paragraphs and a portion is set aside in a reserve account. Reserves can only be used for future repair or replacement of the eight bricked entranceways and the surface water management system, also known as the storm water management system, which includes but is not limited to, corrugated metal pipes, drainage catch basins, cement culverts, headwalls and two retention basins. 
Our current reserves total approximately $450,000. The reserves are deposited in FDIC insured Certificate of Deposits and insured Money Market accounts. At this time, the Board believes the amount of the reserves is adequate. Of course, future repair and replacement, if necessary, to the above mentioned items is an unknown.
Goals for 2021 include 1) exploring an enhanced website, 2) preparing a permanent map of White Hill Square identifying the storm water infrastructure for which the HOA is responsible and 3) obtaining a written opinion from our attorney as to whether the HOA should hire a professional money manager for our reserves.
Again, if you have any questions or concerns about the HOA or the financial documents and reserves, please contact Judi at Amity Associates at the contact information on the letterhead and a board member will call or email you.
White Hill Board of Trustees
President-Richard Kipfer 
Vice President-Martha Ostendarp 
Treasurer-Nelson Lee 
Secretary-Sarah Thomas 
Member-Lear Ford 
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