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2020 Newsletter
Posted on Apr 20th, 2020

The Coronavirus has been making life very difficult. However, things may be looking up. Governor Dewine announced on April 16 some re-openings would start on May 1st.  With that hope in mind, the Board would like to wish “Happy Spring” to all White Hill Square homeowners.
Quite a few homeowners have used the stay-at-home-order time to get an early start on trimming, planting and mulching. Thank you for your efforts to make our community beautiful.  Also, many homeowners are getting outside and taking a walk (while practicing social distancing, of course). Perhaps future friends are being made!
Generally, in May, there is the White Hill Square community garage sale.  It will come as no great surprise that it has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus.  Depending on what the near future brings, it may be rescheduled this fall.  However, there is also a good chance we may skip a year.  A summer block party was planned in one of our community cul-de-sacs.  Again, with the future uncertainty, this is on hold, more information to follow. To stay up to date on community information please “friend” Whitehill Westchester on Facebook and sign up on the Nextdoor App, search White Hill Square.
Additionally, if you are new to White Hill Square, welcome!  You should know there is an annual meeting in early November for all homeowners. You will receive a written invitation by mail a few weeks beforehand. If you give us your email address, we will provide you an email reminder of the meeting as well. Please send your email address to   
We ask for your assistance in a few areas:
1)  Recreational vehicles and boats may be parked for loading, unloading and cleaning for a period of 48 hours. After 48 hours, the recreational vehicle or boat must be stored in your garage, size permitting, or moved to an offsite location.
2)  Remember “family friendly” signs may be up for only a period of 2 weeks before an event. Business signs are not permitted. Political signs can be up no more than 30 days prior to an election and 7 days after an election.
Concerns, complaints or comments, please contact Judi at Amity Associates, contact information at the top.
Lastly, with children out of school outside playing, please slow down and drive carefully. If you are walking at night or in the early morning, please wear the appropriate reflective attire. With the Coronavirus, if you have not seen a neighbor for a while, please call or see if he/she is ok.
The Board of Trustees
Martha Ostendarp, Richard Kipfer, Sarah Thomas, Greg Burch, Lear Ford
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