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2019 Newsletter
Posted on Apr 1st, 2019

Happy Spring to all White Hill Square Homeowners!
As you may have noticed, there are quite a few homes for sale and quite a few have sold.  Not too long ago, a realtor advised a Board member White Hill Square is a “desirable community,” in part, because it has not “aged” like some of the surrounding communities.
Isn’t it good news to know the pride we take in the appearance of our homes is noticed?  The Board thanks all homeowners in advance for the mowing, planting, trimming and mulching you will do this Spring, as it helps maintain and increase the value of our homes.
Welcome to all new homeowners!  Our goal is to have a Board member personally welcome you and pass on information about the Homeowners Association. If you are new to the community and have not been contacted, please contact Amity Associates, our managing agent, at the phone or email on the letterhead. Judi will forward your information to the appropriate Board member.  
Additionally, if you are new to White Hill Square, you should know there is an annual meeting in early November for all homeowners. You will receive a written invitation by mail a few weeks beforehand. If you give us your email address, we will provide you an email reminder of the meeting as well.  Please send your email address to 
With spring comes the annual White Hill Square garage sale. If you are interested, please contact Board member Sarah Thomas at email or 513-549-8409.  The yard sale is planned for May 10 and May 11. To stay up to date on summer activities, please “friend” Whitehill Westchester on Facebook and sign up on the Nextdoor App, search White Hill Square.
Keeping you in the loop:
1)  The roundabout at the intersection of Butler Warren and Barret has been pushed back until mid 2020.
2)  The Board has contracted to add Vitastim to our retention ponds. Vitastim   is a safe biological bacteria that degrades and digests the sludge in the bottom of the retention ponds.  The hope is the Vitastim treatment will delay the time until the retention ponds need to be dredged or even be an alternative to dredging.
3)  At the request of a homeowner, the Board is working on an amendment to our Covenants which would allow sheds.  Once complete, it will be submitted to all homeowners for a yes or no vote.  If you have any feedback, please email  
Finally, we ask for your assistance in a few areas:
1)  Recreational vehicles and boats may be parked for loading, unloading and cleaning for a period of 48 hours. After 48 hours, the recreational vehicle or boat must be stored in your garage, size permitting, or moved to an offsite location.
2)  Remember “family friendly” signs may be up for only a period of 2 weeks before an event. Business signs are not permitted. Political signs can be up no more than 30 days prior to an election and 7 days after an election.
Thank you again for maintaining the beauty of our community and please mark your calendar to attend the Annual Homeowners Meeting in November.   
Concerns, complaints or comments, please contact Judi at Amity Associates. If you would like to meet individually with the Board, again, please contact Judi and she will put you on the agenda at the next bi-monthly meeting.
Lastly, a special request from one concerned homeowner. With the warm weather, children are outside playing.  Please slow down and drive carefully. If you are walking at night or in the early morning, please wear the appropriate reflective attire.
The Board of Trustees
White Hill Square Homeowners Association
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