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2018 Newsletter
Posted on Apr 4th, 2018

Happy Spring to all White Hill Square homeowners!
One of the Board members had a conversation last week with a newer home owner who indicated how much she liked White Hill Square.  Among her reasons was the pride the neighborhood took in the appearance of the community.   The Board wants to thank all homeowners in advance for the mowing, planting, mulching and repairing you are planning this spring to improve the appearance of your yards and homes. It is noticed!
Speaking of new homeowners, the Board has record of 20 new homeowners in 2017.  Did you know a Board member meets with each new homeowner as a welcome and to pass on information about the Homeowners Association?  If you are new to the community and have not been contacted, please call Amity Associates, our managing agent, at 513-459-7100 and talk to Judi.  She will forward your information to the appropriate Board member.
Spring also means a new landscaping company for the entranceways and the area that borders our community along Butler Warren and Barret roads.  You may have seen the Ground Pro Landscaping trucks and crew trimming the entranceways, cutting down dead trees and flagging spots where 12 new trees will be planted.
As to Butler Warren and Barret roads, the Board recently become aware and wants to notify all homeowners a “roundabout” is being planned at the intersection.  It appears to be a joint project of the City of Mason and West Chester Township.  The Board is following up for more information and will pass it on to homeowners as more is known.
With spring comes the annual White Hill Square yard sale!  If you are interested in participating please contact Board member Sarah Thomas at email or phone number 513-549-8409. The yard sale is planned for May 11 and 12.  In order to stay up to date on other summer activities being planned by the block reps, please “friend” WhiteHill WestChester on Facebook and sign up on the Nextdoor App.
Also, spring warm weather means cooped up children excited to get outside and play.  Time for all of us to slow down a bit and drive very carefully.  For those joggers and walkers who are out at night or in the early morning, the Board highly recommends that you wear the appropriate reflective attire.
Finally, we are asking for your assistance in a few areas:
1)                   Remember that “family friendly” signs can be up for only a period of 2 weeks before an event.  Business signs are not permitted.  Political signs can be up no more than 30 days prior to an election and 7 days after the election.
2)                   Recreational vehicles and boats may be parked for loading, unloading and cleaning for a period not to exceed 48 hours.  After 48 hours, the recreational vehicle or boat must be stored in your garage, size permitting, or moved to an offsite storage location.               
3)                   Push mowers, riding lawn mowers and wheel barrels should not be stored between the homes. If these items cannot be put in the garage, please place in the backyard, against the back of the house, out of sight from the street.
4)                   If bags of mulch cannot be spread in a timely manner, please store the bags in the garage or behind the house out of sight from the street.
Thank you again for maintaining the beauty of our community and please mark your calendar to attend the Annual Homeowners Meeting in November.  You will receive a mailing about two weeks beforehand as a reminder.
The Board of Trustees
White Hill Square Homeowners Association
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