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2021 Newsletter
Posted on Apr 12th, 2021

We have all been through a lot during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, things seem to be looking up now and perhaps the pandemic is winding down.  With that hope in mind, the Board would like to say “Happy Spring” to all White Hill Square homeowners.
If you are new to White Hill Square, welcome!  You should know there is an Annual Meeting for all homeowners. This year the meeting is scheduled for Saturday September 18 from 4pm to 7pm. All homeowners please mark the date on your calendars.  It is likely the meeting will be outdoors at Keehner Park. You will receive a written invitation by mail a few weeks beforehand.
A community event coming up quickly is the Best Thing Smoking Food Truck scheduled in one of our community cul-de-sacs, to be determined, on April 22 from 5-7pm. For your eating pleasure, sandwiches are $8-$12 and reportedly amazing! Please come and bring your family!
Please check Whitehill Westchester on Facebook and the Nextdoor App (search White Hill Square) for the exact cul-de-sac location. Make sure to socially distance and wear a mask when not eating.  
Additionally, the fabulous KONA Ice Truck returns to White Hill Square on the following dates 5/19, 6/15, 7/15 and 8/19. Again, please check Whitehill Westchester on Facebook and the Nextdoor App (search White Hill Square) for the exact cul-de-sac location.
Thank you to all homeowners who are already mowing, mulching, planting or trimming. Your efforts do make our community beautiful. We ask for your assistance in a few areas:
1) Recreational vehicles and boats may be parked for loading, unloading and cleaning for a period of 48 hours. After 48 hours, the recreational vehicle or boat must be stored in your garage, size permitting, or moved to an offsite location.
2) Remember “family friendly” signs may be up for only a period of 2 weeks before an event. Business signs are not permitted. Political signs can be up no more than 30 days prior to an election and 7 days after an election.
Some miscellaneous items to note:
1) The Board is presently working on a new website with updated features which will include allowing a homeowner to pay HOA annual dues using a credit card or Paypal. 
2) Our attorney has advised the Board not to invest our reserves in the stock or bond markets but to continue to invest in certificates of deposit backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
3) Please slow down and drive carefully for the children playing and the walkers and joggers. If you are walking or jogging at night or in the early morning, please wear the appropriate reflective attire.
4) Concerns, complaints or comments, please reach out to Judi at Amity Associates, our managing agent, contact information at the top.
Lastly, like all of you, our hearts go out to the Debo family. We wish to express our condolences on the loss of your beloved family member and the loss of your home. 
The Board of Trustees
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