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Newsletter Spring 2022
Posted on Apr 15th, 2022

Happy Spring to all White Hill Square Homeowners!
As you may have noticed, homes are selling well in White Hill Square. Several homes have sold this year and the Board counts 14 new homeowners in 2021 and 10 in 2020. Isn’t it nice to know we live in a desirable community?
If you are a new homeowner, please know you automatically became a member of the HOA when you purchased a home in our community. The purpose of the HOA is to protect your investment and enhance the beauty of our community. There are rules and restrictions for living in White Hill Square found in our Code of Regulations.  Further, the HOA has annual maintenance responsibility for eight landscaped entranceways, two storm water retention basins and approximately 300 trees along Butler Warren and Western Row roads.  Please go to to read the entire Code of Regulations and other forms and documents pertinent to the HOA.
Good news! With Covid on the decline, the Board is planning a spring White Hill Square garage sale. If you are interested, please contact Board member Sarah Thomas at email The garage sale is planned for May 6 and May 7. To stay up to date on summer activities, please “friend” Whitehill Westchester on Facebook and sign up on the Nextdoor App, search White Hill Square.
Thank you to everyone who trims, plants, mulches and maintains the beauty of our community. We are asking for your assistance in a few areas:
1)   Remember that “family friendly” signs can be up for only a period of two weeks before an event.  Business signs are not permitted.  Political signs can be up no more than 30 days prior to an election and 7 days after an election.
2)   Recreational vehicles and boats may be parked for loading, unloading and cleaning for a period not to exceed 48 hours.  After 48 hours, the recreational vehicle or boat must be stored in your garage, size permitting, or moved to an offsite storage location. 
3)   Other than trash cans or recycling bins, please do not store miscellaneous items at the top of driveways or between homes.
Example- Lawn Equipment such as mowers and wheelbarrows should be stored in the garage or if necessary, behind and next to the home where the item cannot be seen from the street.
4)   Please remove dead bushes or trees from both your front and back   yards and keep fences looking nice by replacing broken or missing rails.
Concerns or comments, please contact Eclipse, our community manager.
Eclipse Community Management
PO Box 750631, Dayton, OH 45475-0631
(513) 494-4049 (call or text capable)
Lastly, with Spring here and the warmer weather, children are outside playing.  Please slow down and drive carefully. If you are walking at night or in the early morning, please wear the appropriate reflective attire.
The Board of Trustees,
White Hill Square Homeowners Association
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